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Oil Mist Collection System

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 9:34am

Designed specifically for oil mist, smoke,and fume collection, the Airflow Systems Model MPH10 mist collection and filtration system provides MERV 14 filtration efficiency. The mist collector produces up to 1,000 CFM of air flow in industrial applications, including machining and metalworking. The system features a low-profile cabinet design, which simplifies installation and makes it suitable for virtually any facility or equipment configuration. The collector utilizes the Airflow Systems Ultra-seal filter placement system, which eliminates contaminant bypass of filters, reducing equipment and facility maintenance and enabling quick and accurate filter replacement. The system has a 10-inch bottom inlet and a 2-inch deep sump, for high-volume, 24-hour, 7-day operation with no manual handling of liquid. Even with a 1.0 HP motor blower, the acoustic-lined cabinet of the MPH10 maintains a 77.5 dBA noise level, resulting in improved protection for personnel against workplace noise. 



Airflow Systems, Inc.


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