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Linear Position Sensors for Drilling Equipment

Tue, 10/15/2013 - 10:45am


Macro Sensors introduce LVDT Linear Position Sensors as a critical position feedback component on its down hole drilling equipment. Installed on a rotary steerable drilling system as part of the steering mechanism, the sensors provide feedback on radial positions of the drill bit for proper geosteering and optimum wellbore placement for faster, more accurate and safer drilling operations. Interfacing with a conventional differential input LVDT signal conditioner, the sensors provide position feedback to operators at the surface, where drilling performance data can be continuously monitored at both the rig site and remote locations. These sensors have a long service-life and are capable of providing reliable position feedback under the extreme conditions and high vibrations inherent to down hole drilling. Utilizing modern materials and construction techniques, these sensors are built to withstand high vibrations up to 20G, temperatures up to 400° and high pressures up to 35,000 psi. 




Macro Sensors


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