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Leak Testing Technology

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 10:15am

The LEAK-MASTER EASY from WITT is suitable for testing almost any stable and flexible food, pharmaceutical, industrial and consumer packaging, including vacuum packaging. The test system enables even the smallest leaks to be detected without any test gas or electricity, as it utilizes a Venturi nozzle requiring only compressed air instead of a vacuum pump. The test packaging is placed in the water-filled chamber and the air space above the water level is evacuated using the Venturi nozzle. As the immersed packaging inflates (due to the resultant vacuum), air or filling gas escapes at leaking points, bubbling up in a clearly visible manner. This tester can quickly and easily determine whether and at what point the packaging is leaking—all in less than 30 seconds. The operating costs are low because only water and air are used instead of expensive test gasesand the intuitive operation eliminates the need for highly trained experts. In addition, the installation and operation are uncomplicated as the system requires no calibration and little maintenance and the acrylic housing is hygienic and easy to empty and maintain. This system is available in five versions with chamber sizes from five to 55 gallons.


Witt Gas Controls, LP

Process Expo #4040



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