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Depalletizer with Tool-less Changeover

Wed, 09/11/2013 - 11:58am


The Model 108 bulk depalletizer is the solution for packagers who need maximum flexibility to feed empty containers to one or multiple packaging lines as it runs a wide range of container types and styles with no downtime or changeover. Plastic, glass, metal and composite containers run interchangeably with no special options or change parts required. Simply feed the new palletload to the system and it automatically senses the load dimensions and depalletizes gently and smoothly at speeds to four layers per minute. It can automatically remove and stack tier sheets, inverted trays and pallets. Other product features include:

  • Layer stabilizing mechanisms on both the primary and secondary layer
  • Four side container load control
  • Complete tier sheet control to layer shifting and ensure container stability
  • Both low level and high level models are offered with discharge heights from 36-144"

A-B-C Packaging


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