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Hydrogen Fueled CHP Cogeneration Systems

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 7:52am


2G CENERGY began production of dedicated hydrogen fueled CHP (combined heat and power) cogeneration systems with 6- and 12-cylinder engines. These CHP systems are specially prepared to burn hydrogen as a fuel, but are based on the same modular engine series that powers many 2G CHP products fueled by natural gas, biogas, or other specialty gases.

  • Optimize this engine for hydrogen fuel to achieve maximum efficiency and robust durability
  • IL6 and V12 hydrogen-fueled engines are powering 2G’s agenitor® 306 and 312 CHP systems, which have many advantages when utilized for CHP such as high efficiency (up to 41%)
  • Near zero emissions of regulated pollutants and greenhouse gases (CO2)
  • NOx emissions are also reduced by more than 75%
  • Fluctuating hydrogen fuel produced by electrolysis is captured by a unique patented technology for storing hydrogen in solid form (metal hydrides) at low pressure


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