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Coax/UTP Cable Preparation Tool

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 9:28am

IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. has expanded its full line of data communications supplies with a new coax/UTP cable preparation tool that eliminates the need to carry multiple tools or to make frequent tool adjustments based on the type of cable being stripped.

  • Prepares virtually any coaxial cable ranging from large RG-6 Quad to RG-59 plenum with the industry-standard 1/4" x 1/4" strips in as few as two turns of its spinner ring
  • Replacing the primary blade cartridge with the included UTP/STP cartridge
  • Can cleanly remove the outer jacket of CAT3/5e/6 cables
  • Spring-loaded jaw design that achieves the continuous balanced forces required to cut cables clean and fast
  • Blade forces will not relax over time as is typical in other types of cable prep tools
  • Ergonomic lever can be actuated to set the blade by thumb or palm grip as preferred by the user


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