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Distribute Oil to Points

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 9:09am

Hydracision is a new lubrication product designed, manufactured, and patented by Oil-Rite Corporation. It distributes oil to many separate points — as few as 12 and as many as hundreds. It combines efficient hydraulic movement of fluid with the precision of positive displacement injection.

  • Supplies user with options but doesn’t require extensive calculations, complex components, or pages of schematics to operate
  • Dispensing oil onto printing presses, injection molding, packaging machinery, punching presses, assembly systems, canning operations, conveyors, manufacturing processes, and machine tools
  • Provides frequent, small doses of lubricant rather than large applications of oil at infrequent intervals
  • Self-contained and requires an electrical connection (120V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz, or 24VDC)
  • Injectors reset as the pressure is relieved during a timed cycle. The user specifies lubrication intervals using the programmable logic device (PLC)


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