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Protecting Hard-to-Reach Places

Thu, 01/10/2013 - 12:17pm


PURITY FGPetro-Canada Lubricants Inc. offers PURITY FG sprays as a solution for lubricating hard-to-reach areas, allowing processors to apply the same high standards of food safe, plant tough lubrication throughout their facilities. According to the company:

  • The sprays were developed to spray as effectively when the container is held upside down as right side up, making application easier and more thorough.
  • The lineup features three new products: PURITY FG penetrating oil, PURITY FG silicone spray and PURITY FG2 with Microl MAX spray grease.  
  • Many lubricants start with Petro-Canada’s 99.9 percent pure base oils and all are specially formulated to deliver industrial strength protection in even the most severe operating conditions.
  • Collectively, the lubricants provide longer lasting protection, excellent wear performance, and when it comes to greases, high resistance against water washout.
  • The new sprays fit perfectly into the HACCP system and GMP plans. 



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