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Accurately Weighing Product in Transfer

Thu, 08/30/2012 - 9:32am


ConweighVolkmann Inc. introduces Conweigh as a weighing system to complement its VS and PPC series of vacuum conveyors. According to the company, Conweigh:

  • Accurately weighs powders, granules, food particles, pellets, capsules, tablets and other bulk materials being transferred into and out of production processes via Volkmann conveyors.
  • Registers weight within +/-1 percent or better, allowing adjustments to be made to avoid weight gains or losses during transfer and improve production outcomes.
  • Can work with one, three or four loadcells.
  • Is available in two configurations when used for weighing into vacuum receivers:  a single loadcell to accompany the VS or PPC200 and 250 Volkmann vacuum conveyor models, or three loadcells for the VS or PPC350 and 450 models; a fourth load cell configuration is available when used in weighing of output from bulk bag unloaders, hoppers and/or bag dump rip and tip stations.
  • Helps maintain the accuracy of dosing processes by establishing a controlled material release regimen via the Multijector® Vacuum pump.
  • Uses a three-step weighing process to eliminate errors that can occur due to the buildup of material on filters, and other system parts.
  • Includes options for recipe management via the pic controller and HMI and is available in 110v or 240v options.



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