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Ultra-Fast Spectrometer

Mon, 06/25/2012 - 1:24pm

GCMS-TQ8030Shimadzu’s new GCMS-TQ8030 triple-quadrupole gas-chromatograph mass spectrometer offers the highest sensitivity specification in its class for multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) measurements by GC/MS/MS, as well as for scan and SIM measurements by GC/MS. According to the company:

  • The instrument’s high-sensitivity analysis allows a wide variety of measurement modes, including MRM, scan, combination scan/MRM, neutral loss scan and others.
  • The GCMS-TQ8030 features Shimadzu’s UFsweeper® technology, which minimizes collision cell length and provides high-CID efficiency and high ion transport speed.
  • The system comes equipped with Advanced Scanning Speed Protocol (ASSP™), an internal protocol that optimizes ion transmission parameters during the scan acquisition process.
  • The GCMS-TQ8030 comes equipped with an Ecology mode that reduces the power consumed in analysis standby mode by 36 percent.
  • Other features of the GCMS-TQ8030 include: twin line MS system eliminates need to swap columns; automatic adjustment of retention time (AART) function easily adjusts retention times and MRM event times; electron, chemical and negative chemical ionization available; easy sTop, which enables users to perform maintenance on the injection port without venting the MS; and GCMSsolution (analysis, browser and post-run analysis programs).


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