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A Broad Range of Moisture Standards

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 6:42am

Span Pac™ H2O – SDKIN-TEK’s Span Pac™ H2O – SD (second dilution) uses a Trace Source™ permeation tube to add a precisely known, adjustable, trace concentration of water vapor into a flow of dry matrix gas to create calibration standards for trace moisture monitors. Then, a second dilution stage takes an adjustable aliquot of that primary mixture and further dilutes it with matrix gas to create substantially lower concentrations. According to the company:

  • This two-stage dilution method allows the output concentration of trace moisture to be varied seamlessly over a range of up to 10,000:1 from a single permeation tube.
  • The system is designed to add water vapor concentrations in the range from 100ppb to over 5,000ppm.
  • An alternate function of the two-stage dilution system is to generate a variable moisture concentration while maintaining constant total flow; in this mode, the concentration can still be varied over a range of up to 400:1.
  • The Standard Additions Technique is used to compensate for residual moisture in the matrix gas — in use, accuracy of the measuring device is achieved by calibration on the differential response due to the moisture addition. 
  • The moisture concentration added by the Span Pac™ H2O - SD is traceable to NIST through physical standards.



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