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Independent Temperature-Control Zones

Thu, 02/16/2012 - 10:11am

Witte Fluid Bed DryerVibrating fluid bed dryers from The Witte Co. feature multiple temperature-control zones that operate independently to permit a variety of different heating and cooling levels in the same continuous drying system. According to the company, the system comes with:

  • Substantial moisture removal at a relatively high temperature in the first heating zone, while gradually lower temperatures in each successive heating zone achieve the final desired moisture content.
  • More drying capacity in pounds per hour per square foot of dryer deck than ordinary dryers, which restrict moisture removal to a single temperature throughout the process.
  • Reduced product degradation, including charring and discoloration, so the particle structure remains intact and product waste is virtually eliminated.
  • Increased drying efficiency that allows many high-volume processes to meet moisture specifications using a more compact dryer on a smaller footprint. 
  • Ideal suitability for gently drying snack chips, grains, cereals, pharmaceutical powders, and other sensitive or delicate products.


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