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Fittings Package for Chlorine Applications

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 9:58am

Enhanced Fittings PackageMidland Manufacturing, the North American leader in railroad tank car transfer valves and equipment and a division of the OPW Fluid Transfer Group, now offers an Enhanced Fittings Package specifically designed for the chlorine-transportation industry. According to the company, the corrosion-resistant fittings package includes:

  • A-14378-ML-VL pressure relief valve — soft-seated valves ensure a more positive consistent seal; rupture disc embedded pressure plate
  • 9100-CS pressure plate — approved in conjunction with a pressure relief valve design that retains liquid valve location on the longitudinal centerline of the railcar; available in 18- and 20-inch designs for three- or four-angle valve configuration.
  • A-180-ML-TG check valve — provides primary seal to atmosphere while a soft-seated design ensures positive shutoff; guided design of the seat retainer ensures the plug creates a positive seal every time.
  • A-718-S-HC angle valve — soft-seated valve for better sealing; operates the same as current models and fits current capping kits and actuator systems.



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