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Panel-Mounted Controller with a Small Footprint

Thu, 12/29/2011 - 6:55am

PMC LargeABB Robotics has extended the functionality of its IRC5 panel-mounted controller (PMC) to all ABB robots, including its largest robot models. According to the company, the PMC Large:

  • Features a new, large-panel-mount drive module.
  • Will bring smaller footprint functionality and simplified internal cabling benefits to robot models from the IRB 2400 up to the IRB 7600.
  • Will make integrating large robots significantly easier by allowing machine builders and system integrators the flexibility to create custom enclosures to best protect the electronics in harsh environments. 
  • Is beneficial for numerous installation types, including food applications that require rigorous washdown capabilities, foundry applications where the moist, dusty atmosphere requires a sealed cooling system, and other environments where the controller may be faced with ignition risks, extreme temperatures or excessive vibration.
  • Offers the full capability of the standard IRC5 controller, without the full cabinet armor. 
  • Facilitates flexible mounting while still delivering the proprietary ABB motion control advantages of QuickMove to assure the shortest possible cycle time, and TrueMove for precise path accuracy and repeatability.
  • Consists of a large drive module and the standard IRC5 control module that can be separately mounted in a variety of configurations, such as on top of each other, side-by-side or back-to-back.
  • Is made up of two layers, the first of which may be folded down for easy access to the second; up to four drive modules may be connected to the same control module for multiple robot control (MultiMove) or control of additional axes.
  • Is fully EMC certified, eliminating disturbances to surrounding equipment and allowing for EMC certification of the final enclosed solution.



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