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Driest Disconnect Coupling for Hazardous Liquids Transfer

Fri, 12/09/2011 - 11:09am

OPW DrylokOPW Engineered Systems introduces its Drylok™ dry-disconnect coupler as ideal for all kinds of hazardous fluids in which product loss is a problem, such as high pressure lines, high flow rates, slurries and gases. Moreover, according to the company, the Drylok offers:

  • Optimal safety during the transfer of hazardous, corrosive and volatile liquids, such as acids, solvents and petrochemicals.
  • Less than 1 cc of fluid loss from a 3-inch unit.
  • An interlocking handle to help avert accidental spills by preventing uncoupling while the valve is open.
  • A flat face that minimizes fluid loss, further reducing exposure to risk during operation.
  • The power to open and close against a maximum 150-PSI head pressure.
  • Less obstruction in an easy-flow interior, which optimizes the flow rate in high-pressure or high-viscosity applications.
  • An adjustable packing nut with V-type material to provide a continuous compression, an emission-free seal on the handle shaft and a standard O-ring seal for longevity.
  • Simple lever action to connect the valve to the coupler, while opening and closing the flow.
  • A range of materials from which to choose, including 316 stainless steel, Alloy 20® or Hastelloy® C, with NPT, BSP, ASME flanged, BW or SW end connections.
  • Availability in 1-, 2- and 3-inch sizes.
  • No need for clamps, clips, loops or tabs, which can cause operator error.
  • Compliance with all of today’s stringent emission and worker safety requirements set by the EPA, OSHA and others.


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