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Low-Pressure Drop Mass Flow Controller

Thu, 09/15/2011 - 12:09pm

GF120 mass flow controllerBrooks Instrument, a world-leading provider of advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and level solutions, now offers a new Safe Delivery System (SDS®) option for its GF120 mass flow controllers. The GF120 SDS:

  • Is a low-pressure drop mass flow controller that delivers sub-atmospheric SDS gases used in implant and etch processes.
  • Works by adsorbing the Sub-atmospheric SDS gases onto a solid medium within the gas cylinder; remaining below atmospheric pressure despite containing up to 15 times more dopant than conventional pressurized sources.
  • Unlike most mass flow controllers that require a 50 Torr differential pressure at flow rates of 5 sccm, allowing only about 65 percent of the dopant to be extracted, the controller’s low-pressure operation enables a further 30 percent of the dopant to be extracted — this drives significant cost-savings in SDS gases and equipment.
  • May also be used in other challenging applications that require low-pressure drop.
  • Is available in full-scale flow ranges from 4 SCCM to 1 SLPM.



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