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Feeding on Fast Disassembly

Mon, 09/26/2011 - 7:45am

Meyer Kwik-KleanWm. W. Meyer & Sons’ Kwik-Klean® Series rotary airlock feeders are simple and quick to disassemble/reassemble for quick cleaning, inspection or maintenance — without the use of tools or removal from service. According to the company, other features include:

  • Reassembly — without tools — accomplished in minutes. 
  • Quick removal of the end plate and rotor, thus exposing the entire housing interior, by backing out the hand-tightened fasteners that secure the end plate to the body. 
  • The automatic re-establishment of internal clearances every time.
  • The capability to be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and inspected in a minimum amount of time, thereby reducing downtime and increasing system production.
  • Ideal suitability to the chemical-processing industry in which sanitary service and frequent cleaning are required to prevent contamination, as well as for batch mixing systems, such as those handling different colored resins or paint pigments, which demand regular cleaning between cycles.


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