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Create Adjustable-Concentration Gas Mixtures

Thu, 09/01/2011 - 7:40am

KIN-TEK FlexStreamKIN-TEK’s FlexStream™ CF constant-flow gas standards generator combines the FlexStream™ automated permeation tube system with a secondary dilution module to automatically create adjustable-concentration gas mixtures with constant output flow using permeation tube sources. Typically, when gas mixtures are made from permeation tubes, the mixture concentration is adjusted by varying the dilution flow, so the output flow may vary over a 20:1 ratio. This technique is effective so long as the minimum flow exceeds the application requirement, but it can be problematic when the end use requires a constant and relatively high flow rate of mixture, according to the company. In contrast, this gas standards generator provides:

  • The ability to vary the primary mixture concentration over a 20:1 range in the permeation module by adjusting dilution flow as in common practice. 
  • The addition of an adjustable aliquot of the primary mixture to a fixed output flow to create the final mixture in the secondary dilution module. 
  • Concentration adjustments over a 200:1 range without changing the output flow.
  • FlexStream™ software to automatically adjust the dilution and aliquot flows to achieve the desired concentration in the final mixture, making operation simple.
  • Remote or automated control.


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