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Multi-Layer Biocontainer

Sun, 07/17/2011 - 3:30pm


Single-Use, Multi-Layer BiocontainerAs the most recent addition to the One-Touch® single-use system’s portfolio, Meissner introduces its new polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) based FluoroFlex® biocontainers. According to the company, the biocontainers are:




  • Made of a new-generation, multi-layer coextruded film that has been optimized for the pharmaceutical industry’s most demanding requirements.
  • Suitable for many applications — many suitable applications stretch beyond that of traditional polyolefin-based biocontainers to open new opportunities for singleuse systems.
  • Constructed with a PVDF product contact layer for its inherent purity.
  • Made with strong but highly flexible FluoroFlex® film which is free of additives, certified animal component free (ACF), extruded and manufactured into biocontainers and packaged in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms, and offers an extremely low leachables and extractables profile.
  • Able to offer thermal stability, chemical resistance, and robustness that exceed the limits of traditional PE-based biocontainers.
  • Equipped with an EVOH gas barrier which helps reduce the risk of degradation of process solutions and API’s stored and processed in the biocontainers.



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