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Trace Moisture Standards in Reactive Gases

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 1:39pm

Kin-Tek Span PacKIN-TEK Laboratories says that its Span Pac™ H2O-R moisture standards generators create known calibration standards of trace moisture in reactive gases, such as chlorine and HCL. These systems also incorporate:

  • Trace Source™ permeation tubes to dynamically add a known amount of water vapor to a flow of dried reactive matrix gas. 
  • Concentrations from less than 10 PPB to more than 100 PPM by selecting the suitable permeation tubes.
  • The creation of a base moisture standard by permitting a small amount of dry inert gas to flow over the Trace Source™ permeation tube, then adding a variable portion of the base mixture to the reactive gas flow — the calibration is based on the change in concentration.
  • Multi-point calibrations over a 400:1 range at any concentration level.
  • Compensation for residual moisture in the dry matrix gas. 
  • NIST-traceable mixture concentrations through physical standards.
  • Suitability for applications that include on-site moisture monitor calibration, as well as controlled atmosphere production for catalysis studies, corrosion rate studies and filter capacity tests.


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