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Hybrid Temperature Controllers

Thu, 12/02/2010 - 6:16am

Yokogawa UTAdvancedYokogawa Corp. recently released 3 UTAdvanced® temperature controllers — the UP55A and UP35A profile controllers, and the UM33A digital indicator with alarms. According to the company, these easy-to-use controllers deliver:

  • Precise PID control — even in challenging control dynamics.
  • Standard embedded ladder sequence control (in all UTAdvanced® models, except the UM33A), which supports 84 ladder commands, and a variety of analog and digital I/O points.
  • The power to program up to 500 ladder steps that can be run together with PID control.
  • PLC capabilities that allow engineers using a temperature controller, along with a mini/micro PLC, to obtain the same control functionality in 1 package at the cost of just the controller.


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