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Real-Time, In-Line Process Monitoring Systems

Thu, 10/07/2010 - 12:54pm

Stratophase SpectroSensStratophase presents its SpectroSens technology that uses refractive index and temperature measurements to provide real-time, in-line monitoring of complex and time-dependent bioprocesses. The company further believes that this intrinsically safe, passive and spark-free optical sensing system provides:

  • A high sampling rate that allows for kinematic data to be captured in addition to the overall refractive index and temperature profiles, thereby enabling key points within the manufacturing process to be easily identified. 
  • The ability to almost instantly notice any deviation in the production process, enabling any problems to be corrected or the production process stopped.   
  • Increased understanding and control of the manufacturing process.
  • Potential economical and environmental benefits associated with improved yields, as well as reduced waste and energy consumption.
  • Suitability for biofuel production, biorefining, fermentation and biodetection.


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