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A Quick-Clean Sifter

Wed, 06/02/2010 - 7:09am

Kason Ultra-Sanitary Mini Centri-SifterThe new Ultra-Sanitary Mini Centri-Sifter™ centrifugal sifter from Kason Corp. screens small batches of pharmaceutical powders and other contamination-sensitive products. Features include:

  • The acceleration of particles by rotating helical paddles, continuously propelling them against the cylindrical screen and through screen apertures as material is gravity-fed into the unit.
  • The discharge of on-size material through the first of 2 outlets into a storage vessel or processing equipment.
  • The paddle assembly (which does not contact the screen) that also serves to break up agglomerated materials.
  • The exit of oversized particles, which are unable to pass through the apertures, through the end of the screen cylinder, thus falling through a second outlet for discarding or re-processing.
  • The ability to be disassembled rapidly — in less than 3 minutes, the unit's cylindrical screen/spout and feed screw/paddle assembly can be removed with 3 hand knobs, and the screening chamber with 1 bolt, providing access to sanitize all material contact surfaces.
  • The flexibility to be sanitized manually or in an autoclave.
  • Woven nylon, monofilament, wire mesh stainless steel, perforated plate or stainless steel wedge wire cylindrical screens.
  • Stainless steel construction with continuous welds ground and polished to FDA, as well as 3A, BISSC and other sanitary standards.


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