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Nomex Braided PTFE Hose Eliminates RFI Issues

Mon, 06/21/2010 - 12:40pm

Parker PAGE International Hose offers a seamless convoluted PTFE hose with Nomex BraidParker PAGE International Hose is now offering seamless convoluted PTFE hose with Nomex Braid, a flame resistant fabric with a texture that resembles nylon. According to the company, Parker PAGE Nomex braided hose assemblies offer:

  • Superior flexibility, allowing them to route through tight areas and eliminate RFI issues seen in many applications having stainless steel reinforcements.
  • Less susceptibility to cracking from stress or flexing than metal hose assemblies.
  • An optional polyester monofilament scuff sleeve for abrasion resistance.
  • Light weight construction — about 40 percent lighter than a typical stainless steel braided hose with nearly the same temperature resistance (up to 400°F).


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