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Batchin’ Rotary Scalpel

Mon, 05/10/2010 - 1:36pm

3i’s Technologies’ new Rotary Scalpel3i’s Technologies’ new Rotary Scalpel is the first of the company’s new BatcHHouse™ brand of products, designed to allow precise dispensing in small increments. The Rotary Scalpel:

  • Can deliver ± 0.5 grams, independent of batch size.
  • Can be utilized to handle a variety of materials, including fines such as flour.
  • Uses a large inlet specially designed to ensure consistent material flow into a rotary feed drum and a pneumatic “scalpel”; upon receipt of a setpoint weight, the pneumatic scalpel will smoothly “knife off” the precise amount of material.
  • Recycles unneeded material back to the source, eliminating all waste.
  • Can be applied as a batch dribble control system or single ingredient loss/gain-in-weight batch system.
  • Incorporates specialized controls configured for batching or filling processes.


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