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Flare Gas Calorimeters

Tue, 04/20/2010 - 6:18am


Cosa Instrument 9610 CalorimetersThe measurement principle used by Cosa Instrument’s 9610™ series of calorimeters is based on the analysis of the oxygen content in the flue gas after combustion of the sample gas. A continuous gas sample is mixed with instrument air at a precisely maintained constant ratio. The fuel air mixture is oxidized in a combustion furnace in the presence of a catalyst, and the residual oxygen provides a measurement of combustion air requirement which can be correlated accurately to wobbe index, and with a density cell will report the higher or lower heating value for many applications such as turbine control, flare stack control, fuel optimization and custody transfer where speed of response and accuracy is the key to success. The Cosa 9610™ series is the only line of calorimeters that:

  • Meets the HHV measurement requirements for flare gas measurement RULE1118.
  • Is performance tested and approved by the AQMD in conjunction with Chevron for RULE1118 flare gas measurement.
  • Is recommended by the worlds largest burner manufactures for Ultra Low NOx applications.
  • Is used extensively for EPA 40CFR 60.18 flare gas applications in the USA.


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