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Software Simplifies Powder Handling

Tue, 03/16/2010 - 12:10pm

Tote Systems, a leader in IBC container and material handling systems, offers custom software capable of controlling a full range of powder handling operations to ensure that content within each individual bin, binTote Software inverter, blender and discharge station meets the same standards for product integrity, ingredient balance and volume. Since the software is custom developed in-house by Tote Systems, the processor is able to determine the complexity of desired control for the dispensing of each ingredient.

Process time, temperature settings, mixing speeds and product discharge volume are calculated electronically to control variables that may include the number of rotations, speed, time and whether a slew or shaking stop is desired before automatically stopping and transporting the container to a discharge station.

Additional features include an instant quality-control check that automatically assesses and identifies whether the correct ingredient, in the correct amount, has been added.  If an incorrect volume or a rogue ingredient is detected, the system will instantly deactivate and sound an alarm. The fully self-regulating system can also be programmed to provide varying levels of security—even limiting access by a particular operator to a particular ingredient, if that degree of control is desired. In addition, equipment can be equipped with an electronic perimeter safety light screen that triggers an alarm and shuts down the equipment to ensure that workers remain at a safe distance from the operating machinery.



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