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Sealed Tank Design Thermal Processor

Thu, 02/25/2010 - 10:37am

Wyssmont® Turbo-Heat-Treater® thermal processorThe Wyssmont® Turbo-Heat-Treater® thermal processor is a sealed tank design heat treater. It recently became the first of its kind to be used in commercial operation for PMET’s patented process technology for the recovery of mercury from powdered activated carbon used to remove mercury from flue gases. After processing, the stripped carbon can be reused as a sorbent many times, reducing the cost of PAC usage. Mercury is recovered as a saleable metal product and no secondary waste streams are generated in the process. The unit features:

  • Positive retention time, which removes all the mercury in a specified time.
  • Internal electrical heating system to provide the heat to remove the residual Mercury.
  • A small purge of dry nitrogen used to purge the vapor from the system, keeping fines carryover to a minimum.


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