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Supersonic Ejector Reduces Hydrocarbon Emissions

Fri, 10/16/2009 - 10:46am

Dresser-Rand Group introduces a new compressor technology employing supersonic ejectors. By reclaiming gases ordinarily vented into the atmosphere, the ejectors offer environmental benefits and enable facilities to operate more efficiently. Additional features include:

  • Availability of the ejectors as new equipment options and product upgrades for centrifugal compressors that compress hydrocarbon gases.
  • The capability for the ejectors to also work with any low-pressure, low-flow-rate vent streams and high-pressure stream applications.
  • The ability of the tandem or 2-stage ejector system to capture gas leakage from a dry-gas seal at low pressure and recompress it to a pressure equivalent to the fuel gas pressure, reclaiming these gases by injecting them into gas turbine fuel systems and reducing hydrocarbon emissions to the atmosphere.
  • A recovery and recycling process that captures greenhouse gas emissions during normal operation and recovers natural gas vented from the primary gas seal.
  • No moving parts, seals, shafts or packing on the ejectors for low-maintenance compared to mechanical compressors and vacuum pumps.


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