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Filters For Liquid Process Applications

Fri, 10/16/2009 - 11:05am

Eaton Corp. has engineered a new line of filters to handle a range of liquid process applications across various industries. According to the company:

  • LOFMEM™ membrane cartridges are absolute-rated filters that provide precise, repeatable and sub-micron level filtration.
  • LOFPLEAT™ cartridges offer a pleated configuration for higher surface areas than depth filters for more dirt holding and longer on-stream life.
  • LOFTREX™ depth filter cartridges are cylindrical filters with a tortuous path for capturing a range of particle sizes and gelatinous contaminants.
  • LOFSORB™, LOFMET™ and LOFCLEAN™ specialty filters are constructed of different extruded carbon, porous metal and resin-bonded materials that grant unique performance benefits.


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