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Getting The Edge On Safety

Mon, 08/24/2009 - 1:36pm

The VITECTOR unit of FRABA Inc. has released two new versions of its ‘safety edges’ devices, which are mounted on the edges of large moving objects to provide a warning signal when the object comes into contact with something in its path:

  • The first version uses a rubber tube mounted on the edge of the moving object with an infrared light source mounted at one end and a sensor at the other. If the tube is deformed, the light path is blocked and a warning is sent to the control system. The system’s design allows it to distinguish between insignificant events and potentially dangerous collisions.
  • The second version uses a sealed, hollow rubber profile mounted on the edge of the moving object and connected to a sensitive pressure switch. When the edge contacts another object, the switch is activated and sends a warning to the control system.


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