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Capacitive Level Sensor

Tue, 04/01/2008 - 7:09am

The Gladiator smart admittance level switch is designed to detect the level of liquid, slurry, or powder in a tank or vessel by measuring the capacitive admittance between a probe and the wall of the container. As the level of the product rises to the level of the probe, or drops below that level, the capacitance measured at the probe changes. Because the unit can monitor materials with a wide range of dielectric constants, the system is applicable to a large variety of liquids, slurries, and powders.

Hawk Measurement, Phoenix, AZ; 888-429-5538;

Editor’s Note

The unit communicates via Modbus, HART, or Profibus. Plus, a remote amplifier can be positioned up to 1,640 ft away from the unit.


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