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Boiler Breakthrough: Near-Zero NOx Emissions

Wed, 02/06/2008 - 5:20am


Steam, generated from gas and oil-fired burners, remains a primary source of energy for a wide range of industrial applications including food processing and medical product manufacturing. Emissions from these boilers include nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Reducing these emissions has been the goal of Miura Boiler, a leader in process steam boiler technology. The company recently announced a breakthrough in its effort to achieve near-zero NOx emissions.

"Miura has developed a technology which dramatically reduces the nitrogen oxide (NOx) concentration in the exhaust gas of gas-fired steam boilers to below 1 ppm — at O2 = 0 percent equivalent — compared to over 30ppm of conventional U.S. boilers," explained Yuji Takahashi, company president. "This important advance represents a significant step forward in reducing pollution."

Features of the new technology include NOx concentration of 1 ppm and below (at continuous operation); a new combustion control method that makes it possible to reduce heat loss by 20 percent compared to current products; and an environmentally friendly catalyzer that does not use chemicals such as urea and ammonia. It's projected that the technology will be available in North America by 2010.



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