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Mon, 12/10/2007 - 4:25am
The C Series automatic pressure filter for 4A detergent-grade zeolite typically produces a filter cake containing only 17 to 23 percent residual moisture, thereby reducing considerably downstream drying costs when compared to traditional vacuum filtration methods. The unit is fully automatic and can be operated with or without cake washing as needed. However, when cake washing is used, it provides comparable results to conventional technologies using the same or less wash water. Production capacities per unit area are also generally superior to existing technologies, and a single filter can replace the two-stage process common when using vacuum filters.

The Pannevis RT horizontal vacuum belt filter solution for molecular sieves is suitable for the multi-step counter-current ion exchange process required to produce molecular sieves. Water washes and ion exchange can be carried out on a single machine with up to seven separate stages possible. The filter is known for its wash efficiency, and this is also true in the ion exchange stages.

The Pannevis RT vacuum belt filter is widely used for NaY, 31X, and ZSM-5 type catalysts as well as many others. The fully automatic continuous operation provides a consistent product at all times. Multiple wash steps, in either co- or counter-current configuration, or in a combination of both, make the filter flexible.

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