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Emulsifier for Adjunct/Antigen Mixing in Peanut Oil

Mon, 10/01/2007 - 7:17am
The Model KDS 330 pump is designed to emulsify Adjuvant 65 for a water-in-oil emulsion containing antigen in peanut oil with Arlacel A and aluminum monostearate as the emulsifying agent. The unit is suitable for creating viscous fluids/suspensions; this is accomplished by forcing fluids back and forth through a micro-emulsifying needle. The pump eliminates the fatigue and time required to manually prepare emulsions. The unit is suited for preparing an adjuvant/antigen mixture to the correct viscosity ready for injection. The pump is simple to use and set up. Through a menu-driven program, the user enters the syringe diameter and the flow rate and then selects a dispense volume; the unit automatically performs the calibration and control functions. When in emulsion mode, the pump cycles from infusion to withdrawal continuously, and it automatically infuses and withdraws preset volumes. The pump is specifically designed for a 10 cc glass syringe and emulsion needle. Two syringes and needles are supplied.

KD Scientific, Holliston , MA; 508-429-6809;


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