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Reverse Buckling Rupture Disk

Tue, 09/04/2007 - 8:18am
The Sigma EXL and Sigma reverse buckling rupture disks are capable of reaching operating pressures of up to 95 percent, making them a good financial choice for plants requiring increased gas or liquid volume flow through their processes. The increased operating pressures also cause less fatigue on the rupture disk, allowing the disks to last longer between replacements and saving on actual plant downtime. The pre-torqued SRB-7RS safety holder allows the disk to be removed and inspected without having to re-torque the values. The disk’s patented circular score causes the rupture disk to burst without fragmentation. The Sigma Series maximizes the company’s SAF technology, which allows disks to achieve a wide range of burst pressures with accuracy and provides a damage safety ratio of less than or equal to 1, ensuring that an inadvertently damaged disk will rupture at or below its marked burst pressure.

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