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Patented Technology Streamlines Pipe Inspection

Fri, 06/01/2007 - 5:51am
Designed specifically for Rovver video inspection crawlers, DigiSewer digital visual sidewall scanning enhances the speed and detail at which pipeline inspection is performed. In a single day, a DigiSewer-equipped crawler can scan extensive networks of pipe at full speed. When scanning is complete, a supervisor can analyze these scans using a freeware viewer, zooming in on areas of interest for greater scrutiny and making measurements and annotations directly on the scan. DigiSewer uses patented technology to generate a high-resolution sidewall scan. The proprietary DigiSewer camera mounts to any Rovver crawler. As the crawler advances down a pipe, the camera grabs a frame of video at established intervals. From each frame, a ring of pixels representing a fixed-width cross-section of the pipe wall is digitally extracted and unfolded into a tall rectangle by the DigiSewer CPU. As scanning progresses, the CPU joins these rectangles together to form a complete sidewall scan, one whose length corresponds to the length of the pipe and whose height corresponds to the pipe’s full circumference.

Envirosight LLC, Randolph, NJ; 973-252-6700;


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