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Noteworthy in China: Unusual Oil Pump

Fri, 06/01/2007 - 11:53am
Harbin Electric Inc., a U.S. company with operations in Harbin, China, has developed a high-efficiency, energy-saving tower-type oil pump driven by permanent magnetic linear motors for the oil and gas industry. This vertical oil pump contains unique motor technologies that allow it to consume less energy during all phases of operation. In particular, its patented pumping system “intelligently” gauges the tension needed to mechanically lift liquid out of the wellhead. Harbin Electric applied for five Chinese patents related to this product. Three of these patents have been approved; the remaining applications are pending approval. The pump’s prototype was customized for Daqing Petroleum, one of the largest petroleum corporations in China. With the testing of the prototype complete, Daqing Petroleum has placed a purchase order for 13 units to be delivered by the end of 2007. These units are expected to sell at an average price of $52,000.

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