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Corn vs. Soybeans

Fri, 06/01/2007 - 6:01am
Demand for ethanol produced from corn and used as an oxygenation additive for gasoline has all but replaced the previously used toxic oxygenation additive, but it has also produced a sharp increase in the commodity price of corn. Oil from soybeans, which have a higher yield per acre than corn, is a prime candidate feedstock to produce both ethanol and biodiesel. To date, the short shelf life of the soybean feedstock, measured in only days, makes it necessary to locate refining operation in close proximity to growing fields. Nano Chemical Systems Holdings Inc., Tampa, FL, has launched an initiative that marries its proprietary Nano-Encapsulation technology with Intelligent Dust technology to extend the shelf life of soybean biofuel feedstocks incrementally for six months at a time.

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