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Heat Transfer Media

Wed, 05/02/2007 - 8:21am

Flexisaddle LPD is 1-in. heat transfer media for regenerative thermal oxidizers. Promising low pressure drop and efficient heat transfer, it’s suitable for applications where particulate buildup limits the service life of other media. The high open area and aerodynamic design of the heat transfer media is said to result in more than 20 percent lower pressure drop than standard saddle media designs for the same heat transfer efficiency. Its three-rib design improves heat transfer through more efficient use of the media’s surface area. It also limits nesting and holds up to rugged chamber loading. Thus, it minimizes dead areas that collect particulate. As a result, particulate buildup is reduced by up to 40 percent, which translates into longer operation between burnouts, washouts, and change-outs of the media. Flexisaddle LPD is available in standard ceramic or in a high-performance glaze-resistant construction that provides longer product life in applications at risk for alkali-glazing.

Koch Knight LLC, East Canton, OH; 330-488-1651


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