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Bulk Bag Discharger for Restricted Heights

Fri, 05/04/2007 - 5:46am

The Type 5 bulk bag discharger has been designed for height-restricted areas — areas where loading a bag into a regular discharger requires the forklift frame to be raised higher than the ceiling height. It uses a removable frame design, which reduces the height that the forklift tines have to be raised. Typical dischargers require a forklift truck to lift a bag, using a special lifting frame, to the top of the discharger. But Type 5 low-loading dischargers allow the operator to load the bag, using a special lifting frame, at ground level. Once the bag is in the frame, the frame is lifted from the bottom into the discharger, reducing the height to which the forklift truck mast has to extend. The upper frame uses a unique sealing mechanism that ensures no product loss during discharge. The patented locking system allows easy access to the bag spout through a large viewing porthole.

Spiroflow Systems, Charlotte, NC; 704-291-9595


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