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All-Welded Heat Exchangers

Wed, 05/02/2007 - 8:21am

The Ultramax Box LPU can be used as an upgrade to shell-and-tube heat exchangers in maximum pressure applications. This heat exchanger boasts maximum pressure integrity with four steel panels bolted together to encase the pressure core. It has pressure ratings to 45 barg (650 psig) and temperatures to 650°F. Extended range units are also available for higher temperature and pressure applications. The Ultramax Box LPU is designed for improved thermal efficiency, reduced weight and structural complexity, minimal footprint, lower component cost (especially with higher alloys), and reduced fluid cost from smaller hold-up volume. It is particularly suitable for use as a gas or vapor condenser, economizer, aftercooler, intercooler, oil cooler, and related compressor skid service. It’s compatible with petroleum gases, carbon dioxide, and ammonia. Large-capacity or multi-pass configurations are available, and some models can have up to five cores within a single frame to allow more flow. Six different plate lengths are offered. Maximum connections up to 250 DN (10-in. ANSI RF) can be accommodated. Plate materials can be Type 316L stainless steel, titanium, or other alloys; shells are fabricated of carbon steel.

Tranter Inc., Wichita Falls, TX; 940-723-7125


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