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Horizontal Conveyors

Mon, 04/16/2007 - 6:18am

Like a conventional vibratory conveyor, the Slipstick horizontal-motion conveyor is a rigid pan design that moves bulk material by applying periodic motion to the product. However, unlike a conventional vibratory conveyor that uses impact of the pan on the product to propel the material along the conveyor, the Slipstick uses “slow-forward, quick-return” conveying motion. This low-impact motion is gentle, preserving product integrity. It also enables the conveyor to move many hard-to-handle materials without degradation, agglomeration, dusting, buildup, and segregation. Large and bulky materials can be conveyed because the horizontal motion works with the inertia of the material in the conveyor pan to ensure a consistent conveying motion throughout the length, width, and depth of the product bed.

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