ITW Warehouse Automation announces the latest improvements to its VTP Palletizers and VPS software. The VPS software has been upgraded to enable pallet patterns to be changed in real-time with minimal effort required of employees or the robotic palletizers.

  • VTP Palletizers operate up to 40% faster with flexibility and gentle product handling
  • Enhanced VPS software allows users to quickly and easily change pallet patterns without stopping production
  • Pallet patterns are built with the graphic user interface in the PC and users simply input package sizes and number of cases on a pallet
  • Software then displays the cases on the screen and users can arrange them as necessary and assign the pallet to start that pattern
  • With no interruption, the selected pallet automatically starts the new pallet pattern
  • VPS allows for an infinite number of flips or patterns
  • VTP Palletizers are SCF/ISO friendly, category 3 & 4 compliant and incorporate an easy to use graphic interface