Shick USA's engineers are uniquely qualified to handle and store all dry ingredients. Services include:

  • Unloading and storage- Transfer of ingredients from railcar, truck, bulk bag or sacks into a variety of storage vessels, including silos, use bings and hoppers.
  • Silo Inventory - Inventory systems provide a range of accuracy depending on specific inventory accuracy requirements. Methods include stain, ultrasonic, load cells, point level, and capacitance.
  • Conditioning (Drying/Cooling) - Due to climate changes and product sensitivity (moisture and temperature), Shick provides several convey air-conditioning options.
  • Sifting - Shick's various sifting solutions include rotary, deck and inline.
  • Scaling/Batching - Scaling solutions from major ingredients to minors and micros, Shick provides a variety of accurate scaling and batching options.
  • Vacuum/Pressure - Depending on the customer's process requirements, material characteristics, distance and other factors, Shick provides pneumatic conveying solutions using both vacuum, pressure and combined convey systems.
  • Dilute/Dense Phase - Shick provides a full range of pneumatic conveying solutions, including dilute (suspension flow) and dense (slug flow) phase, depending on the material's characteristics, distance and other factors.