ASL seriesNK Technologies introduces ASL series AC current-operated switches with patent-pending user-selectable linear setpoint adjustment, enabling users to reliably monitor current, simply, in a wide range of applications. According to the company:

  • The series is available in a panel-mounted solid- or split-core enclosure to simplify installation.
  • An easily established contact actuation point can be set with no load present and a two-second delay ignores motor inrush current upon energization.
  • Magnetically isolated output maximizes safety and eliminates insertion losses, and solid-state reliability eliminates periodic maintenance or calibration requirements.
  • No external power source is required for operation.
  • The series is ideal for monitoring AC motor loads up to 150 amps.
  • Users can set a normally open contact over the normal running current level and it will open if the drive belt breaks or comes off the sheaves, or they can set a normally closed contact below the normal run current level to open on over-load conditions.
  • The series is also a perfect solution for monitoring critical lighting loads such as security lighting and water navigational indicators, as well as heating loads by monitoring drying and curing processes remotely and providing independent verification that an element is working properly.