Chemical metering skid systemsseepex Inc. offers  pre-engineered liquid chemical metering skid systems with or without controls for use in a wide variety of chemical-dosing and water-treatment applications. According to the company:

  • Included are superior quality Progressive Cavity Pumps which have low operating costs and a long service life.
  • seepex pumps will ensure precise metering without pulsation or vapor lock, and are protected from dry run and overpressure to minimize lifecycle costs. 
  • The systems are designed to accommodate flow rates up to 100 gph and pressure capabilities of up to 350 psi. 
  • Components include calibration column, pressure gauge, pressure switches, and flow meters. 
  • Components of the pumps such as valves, pressure switches, and flow meters, as well as materials of construction of pumps, such as elastomers, exotic metals, and plastics are custom designed to meet user’s application requirements. 
  • An integrated vector drive with automatic (4-20mA) or manual speed control also comes standard eliminating the need for a local interface/control panel.
  • The company can build a 100-percent customizable skid system complete with all necessary components for chemical dosing packaged into a single unit.