Scaletron spill alarmScaletron Industries introduces a spill alarm for use with its full line of spill containment scales. The company says that the spill alarm also offers:

  • A phototransistor to detect spills and activate a relay switch, which may be used to trigger a light or an audible alarm, and that is readily integrated via a PLC with other equipment facilitating automatic shutdowns, lockouts and other safety procedures.
  • Ample reaction time to stop leaks, and thereby prevent damage to the scale and other equipment, and minimize worker exposure time to potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • Instant detection of changes in ambient light properties when a spill or leak occurs.
  • The ability to measure the volume of chemical, while the alarm immediately triggers the relay signal, setting in motion safety and maintenance processes.
  • An integrated collection basin, which houses the alarm, where leaks and spills are first detectable.
  • A spill basin mounted directly under the scale with the alarm in the bottom of the basin, so the scale integrity and function is safeguarded from spills and leaks.
  • Opto-electric operation, unlike mechanical alarms with moving parts that can jam or become loose.
  • A corrosion-proof plastic dome to encase the phototransistor.
  • Power via the scale, operating off of 5 or 12 VDC, depending on the indicator of the specific model of scale in use.
  • Contacts rated for 5 A at 30 VDC and 5 A at 120 VAC.
  • The flexibility to be used with 3-1/2-digit, 4-1/2-digit, 1020 and 1099 scale indicators.
  • Suitability for industrial and chemical process applications.

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