HRLVMaxSonarMaxBotix Inc. now offers the next generation of MaxSonar ultrasonic rangefinder, the HRLVMaxSonar EZ sensor line. According to the company, the line features:

  • 1-millimeter resolution, target size compensation for improved accuracy, simultaneous automatic multi-sensor operation, superior rejection of outside noise sources, temperature compensation, 5-meter range, and adds TTL serial output to the RS232, pulse width, and analog voltage outputs that are already standard on other MaxSonar products.
  • Each sensor is factory calibrated at 1 meter, 5V, 22.5OC to 0.1 percent accuracy.
  • The noise filtering is now even better than the previous MaxSonar products, and will work in the presence of many more noise sources and outside noise sources with higher amplitudes.
  • The  sensor allows for accurate speed of sound temperature compensation.
  • The sensor has onboard temperature compensation as a standard feature with typical accuracy better than 1 percent.
  • It comes with the easy-to-use outputs and standard pin configuration of the previous MaxSonar products.
  • In addition to the three standard sensor outputs of RS232 serial, Analog Voltage, and Pulse Width, there is now a user selectable TTL serial output.
  • It offers a controlled beam that is designed to reject small objects (clutter) outside of the central beam area and provides a long range
    PD11798a sensitivity without detecting frivolous or unwanted targets.