Shimadzu LabSolutions softwareLabSolutions DB software from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments offers laboratories fast and secure management for their liquid/gas chromatography data. The company says that the software also delivers:

  • Data management integrated with liquid/gas chromatography control and analysis software.
  • The capacity to be connected to up to 4 liquid/gas chromatography instruments for simultaneous use.
  • Multi-data report creation using Microsoft Excel, which enables users to coordinate report creation with scheduled analyses, making it possible to quickly create reports when testing ends.
  • Project management functionality that enables management suited to tasks and system operations.
  • Improved efficiency of data searches and management tasks by enabling equipment and user management, security policy and data processing to be set on a project-by-project basis.
  • An optimized configuration for PC-based laboratories.
  • Compliance with electronic records and electronic signature regulations.